Theology For Israel’s Restoration

Part 2: Where Is The Outcry?

Gen. James Green

D R. MICHAEL HOFFMAN, former reporter for the NY bureau of the Associated Press writes: “There are hundreds of Muslim-bashing books on the market, in libraries and schools and hawked prominently on display shelves at national chain bookstores…There is nothing approaching this deluge of criticism concerning Judaism.” Hoffman is right you know. Where is the exposure and outcry?

He continues, “Any respectable priest or pastor who published ‘The Dark Side of Judaism’ or ‘Secrets of the Talmud,’ would soon be seen with a CUP IN HIS HAND asking for spare change on the sidewalk outside his former Church.” You can bet on that! Hoffman continues, “Any reputable but untenured professor who published ‘Judaism and Terrorism’ would soon be out of a job and a reputation. The epithet, ‘Anti-Semite!’ would dog the clergyman and the professor for the rest of their lives…” (“Judaism’s Strange Gods,” p. 16).

You Get My Drift?

I HAVEN’T DONE my share of exposing Pharisaic Judaism, Talmudic Judaism, or Kabbalistic Judaism. I have preached against Israel for her terrorism and hatred for Christianity off and on, but nothing like the materials I’ve put together against Islam.

Fear Of The Jew

EVEN IN JESUS’ DAY, the FOJS (Fear of the Jews Syndrome) was on every hand. The FOJS in America has caused a special neurosis, a psycho-social/political cowardice that keeps the truth about Judaism suppressed. Not all “Jews” are evil and intent upon destruction of the West (because of its Christian roots), nor do all “Jews” have an axe to grind against everyone who disagrees with Judaism/Zionism. But there is a small minority of depraved, satanically-minded Zionist/Pharisaic/Rabbi parasites who suck the life out of their enemies, exploit them, and use and abuse them to the fullest.

These “Christophobic” “Jewish” sickos think that the world should never consider turning to Jesus Christ for any reason. They work day and night to subvert, rape and rob nations. Their nihilistic mentality is scary indeed. They are unrelenting enemies of Christ and Christianity, and enemies of freedom-loving peoples.

These are the people I write about. And they USE any and all—even though they hate them—if it is a benefit to them and their agendas.

It Is True!

THE SILENCE is deafening, even among those “courageous crusaders” called “warriors for Christ.” Practically the whole Western Church has succumbed to the FOJS. We’ve been BRAINWASHED by hearing that the “Jews” are “God’s Chosen People,” but THEY ARE NOT GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE! Christ Jesus calls them the Synagogue of Satan and children of wrath, saying that their father is Satan. This not only goes for the apostate/political “Jews,” but for ALL those who aren’t saved by the blood of Christ. In short, ALL are sinners. Period, whether Jew or Gentile.


WE USE the word “Jew” in a general sense, but not all calling themselves “Jews” are authentic genetic descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; we regard them as true Jews; we regard the born-again “Jew” / “Gentile” as a Jew, but a distinct Jew, a New Testament Jew, a spiritual Jew (1 Pet. 2:9).

“Judaics” are those who are followers of Judaism, or have an ethnic-based nostalgia for Judaism (or rabbis). Most of those living in Palestine are “Judaics” or more specifically, Khazars/Ashkenazim. WE CALL THEM “JEWS” BECAUSE THEY CALL THEMSELVES JEWS.

A Judaic who is “observant,” i.e., obedient to the laws of the Talmud is a Frum. Not all Judaics agree with Zionism or Rabbinic Judaism. The Karaites (Scripturalists), i.e., Old Testament sola Scriptura Judaics eschew the Babylonian Talmud and rabbinic tradition. These were hated by the Talmudic/Rabbinic/Pharisaic Jews. These are in small numbers—like true Biblical Christians, as opposed to Babylonian Churchites.

Talmudic Insults

LET US RETURN to Judaism’s book of HATE and LIES.

“Talmudic insults,” writes Dr. Hoffman, “are intended to immunize Judaics against attraction to the Messiah of Israel” (ibid, p. 265). He says that “the issue of false witness conveyed in a pornographic and scurrilous manner has, in the past, often been the dominant trope in studies by Christians critical of what the Talmud teaches.”

Giving birth to Jesus (in our Bible) is recognized as a miracle—virgin birth, that is (Matt. 1:18-25). Jesus’ virgin birth is central to the Christian doctrine/belief. Even the Quran honors Mary and Jesus, but not so with Judaism.

Hoffman writes, “The BT is not simply gratuitously insulting and defaming Christ and His mother. MARY WAS A CHASTE AND HUMBLE ISRAELITE WOMAN. How can she merit any defamation whatsoever, except for the fact that she gave birth to the Messiah of Israel?” (p. 265). Well, that act ALONE cause the hateful rabbis to declare Mary LEWD, shameless, an adulteress AND a nymphomaniac—she was locked up by Joseph for this (see BT Gittin 90a). The BT heaps insults and aspersions against Mary’s moral character. The Talmudic lies about this virgin are centered on tales of a certain ‘Pandera’ (Sanhedrin 67a), and his consort ‘Sedata,’ and ‘Miriam (Mary) the hairdresser.’” Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, the nasi [aka head of the Sanhedrin] of the revived Sanhedrin writes: “Christian censors as well as popular tradition identified ‘ben Sedata’ and ‘ben Pandera’ with Jesus of Nazareth because of the similarity of several aspects of the two stories. However, Tosafot regarded this identification as impossible because of chronology.”

“Mary (also called Miriam: such as the Quran calls her) the hairdresser” in the BT is vilified as a “promiscuous woman,” while the other name assigned to her—“Sedata”—is a synonym for “adulteress,” : “In the uncensored text, this passage follows: Was he then the son of Stada: surely he was the son of Pandira?—

Said R. Hisda: The husband was Stada, the paramour was Pandira. But the husband was Pappos b. Judah?—His mother was Stada. But his mother was Miriam the hairdresser? It is as we say in Pumbeditha: This one has been unfaithful to her husband (satatda mi-ba’alah).” (See footnote to tractate BT Shabbath 104b in the Soncino Talmud; see also “Mary Maudlin among the Rabbis” by B.L. Visotzky…Essays in Rabbinic and Patristic Lit., 1995; and Michael Sokoloff, “A Dict.. of Jewish Babylonian Aramaic of the Talmud and Saonic Periods,” 2002.)

The Roman Catholic Church takes the opposite approach to Mary. We offer 5 tracts—Studies on Catholic Mariology—for anyone who wants to see how the RCC sees Mary:

1. Spiritual Motherhood;

2. Divine Maternity;

3. Perpetual Virginity

4. Immaculate Conception

5. The assumption.

All 5 are free. See how Mary is exalted above and beyond what Scriptures declare about her.


THE TALMUD therefore is a vehicle for VENGEANCE against both Mary and Jesus…and Christianity and Christians. So, “Christians,” why do you support Israel? Both the political Zionists and Pharisaic/Rabbinical/Talmudic/Kabbalistic “Jews” hate our Lord and Savior. Why don’t you tell them they are HELL-BOUND?

These “Jews” seek REVENGE. When are you going to stop supporting their HATRED? What do you think about their VICIOUS ATTACKS against Mary and Jesus: MARY=A WHORE; JESUS=A BASTARD? These lies were/are intended to turn Judaics AWAY from the truth, for Jesus Himself said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32). Jesus was pleading with the Jews which believed in Him (Jn. 8:31), “If (clause) ye CONTINUE in My word, then are ye My disciples indeed.” This goes for ALL believers, the “if”-“then” clause is in effect: the “if” clause=the antecedent, and the “then” clause=the consequent.

Note verse 41 where Jesus pushes against their “we be Abraham’s seed, and were never in bondage to any man” (even though Israel was in bondage to Roman Rule even as they spoke): “…then said they to Him, ‘we be not born of FORNICATION; we have one Father, even God.” Ah! There you have it! They were repeating what the BT said about Jesus—He was born out of fornication, as I have shown you. But Jesus pushed harder to show them that “GOD” WAS NOT THEIR FATHER, BUT THE DEVIL WAS (v. 44).

Note also the swift change from belief (v. 31) to vehement hostility. Within a few verses these “believers” are denounced by Jesus as those who seek to murder Him (v. 37)! Hey, Israel-lovers go to Israel and preach Jesus the Messiah to the “Jews”—the very “Jews” you think are so loving and tolerant. See what happens to you!

The same spirit the ancient “Jews” had, modern “Jew” also have.


But there is hope. Prayer can change things. We have led “Jews” to the Lord Jesus. But as a religion, I believe it will remain antichrist. We should not allow the “Jews” to remain in their sins—as do these cowardly “Christian Zionists” who say they don’t need salvation, for they are “Jews.”

Anyone who minimizes the stranglehold the “Jewish” nation has, is doing them a disfavor. If you use their “Jewishness” as an excuse NOT to witness to them, you are assisting them in making CERTAIN that they will DIE IN THEIR SINS!!!

The “Jewish” nation remains in blindness—Christ wants them to see.

It is time, my dear “Jews,” for you to examine the Talmud and Talmudic literature. JESUS WAS NOT A BASTARD; HE WAS/IS YOUR LOVING MESSIAH. Repent and ask God/Jesus to forgive you. Help is only a prayer away.